"The narrator of Armor for Orchids, Margaret Glaccum, did such a lovely job.  I think my favorite thing about her reading was the subtlety with which she characterized each different person.  I always think it sounds ridiculous when a female narrator goes super low to portray a male character or vice-versa.  The different voices were distinct enough to be able to recognize one from the other but not so much that it was distracting.  After you got to know each voice and who it represented, they all flowed really well.  Well done!"-Dana Fraedrich (Armor for Orchids Audiobook Review)

"The amazingly over-the-top chanteuse at his club (Margaret Glaccum) who uses every single step and glance as a kind of show...  Glaccum's character is so attractive, so over-the-top alluring we fall for her a bit as well." -David MacDowell Blue (Lonely at the Top review)

"The sole stand out is Margaret Glaccum... who steals the show. Her inspired and illuminated turn proves to be one the play hinges on from beginning to end." -Radomir Vojtech Luza (Only the Moon Howls review)

"Over the Rainbow by Margaret Glaccum proved one of those that kinda ripped my heart out." -David MacDowell Blue (Astroglyde review)

Welcome to her passionate, fun-loving, girl next door kind of world!